Computer Maintenance Course

Course Contents:

1 – What is the computer.
2 – a historical overview of the idea of ​​computer and when it was invented and stages of development.
3 – Types of computer configuration of the configuration – use and work – the number of users.
4 – the main classes that comprise the computer (hardware – operating system – applications).
5 – Hardware layer: study the components of the physical computer of the processor and memory and a network card and sound card and display processor 
6 – storage disks and lighters.
6-layer operating system: Identify the different operating systems Linux and Windows with the stages of development of the Windows operating system from DOS to Windows 10.
7-Study Windows operating system: Study Windows XP, Windows 7 thorough study from how to install the system until it is used professionally.
8 – study of faults related to Hardware9 – study the faults related to the operating system and applications10. Networking Close-up networking and how to connect devices to the network11 – Hardware assembling and partitioning hard disk12 – How to bring any definition of any device through the Internet
13- The numbers of (Bios)
14 – How to make all kinds of copies of Windows
15 – dealing with computer maintenance programs and treatment of the failure of the hard disk 
16. Make backups of Unidose
17-How to recover deleted files
18- Break the password on the devices
19. Assembling computer parts