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Are you planning to migrate or travel?

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Our English for Travel course will help you develop essential language skills to make you feel like you belong no matter where you are.

The importance of learning English for travel and immigration

English is used all over the world. Since English is used in many different countries, it is likely to be used to communicate in many travel situations. Although the staff at your hotel may not speak your native language, they will likely speak some English. Many signs at airports and popular tourist sites will be in the local language and English, so it pays to be fluent in English if you don’t speak the local language.

Knowing English can help you in an emergency. English can save your life if you are in an emergency situation. In moments like these, knowing how to speak English can be very important in communicating the right details when traveling. We hope that nothing ever happens to you and that you enjoy your trip, but you better be prepared.

Learning English will also make you more confident. Arriving at your hotel or attending an international conference, knowing English will make you less shy and less anxious. It will be easier to make friends, share your thoughts, or have a stress-free vacation.

Overcoming the fear of speaking to strangers in English is an important step towards mastering the English language. Additionally, when it comes to travel, communication with strangers is essential. Whether you've lost something, are looking for a train station or are after a restaurant recommendation, starting conversations with strangers in English is a vital skill.

Learning English for travel will not only improve the way you understand the world but also help create new opportunities for you.

What is the English for Travel course?

The English for Travel online course is designed for learners who want to use the English language in travel contexts, and to explore the world. The online English course will focus on vocabulary used in specific travel situations, from the airport, to hotels, to restaurants, and much more. You will be able to learn more about the most common expressions in the tourism sector, whether as a traveler or as a specialist in the hospitality sector.

Course contents

Emigration course
For lottery visa winners
1-a complete english level
With listening
And writing practice.
2-everyday English expressions.
3-how to apply for a job.
4-introduction to Americans’ customs.
5-online language support for 1 month after travelling.

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