Make your children geniuses .. GMA COURSE FOR Develop academic intelligence and general intelligence Benefits of the program:

Development of mental intelligence What is mental calculation:

Is a Malaysian program that develops the mental abilities of the student and enables him to excel in mathematics very quickly and a fun and easy to mentally without resorting to the calculator. From learning the calculations using finger techniques in preparation for the use of the Chinese Abacus meter, and then trained to form and consolidate the image of the Chinese counter in his imagination to be carried out then the large and complex mental calculations, which develops a markedly self-confidence and intelligence and the power of focus and memory and imagination, not to mention Study progress.

Benefits of the program:

1 – refinement areas of the functions of mind and increase the strength of focus and discipline in the child.
2 – Perform calculations in a way beyond the calculator.
3. Develop my mental focus and imagination skills.
4 – Exceed the state of slow and neglect to the state of passion for lessons and a sense of learning pleasure.
5. Promote self-confidence and eagerness to learn with enthusiasm and motivation.
6. To acquire the abilities that lead to efficiency and success in educational attainment and life situations.
7. Develop my skills of response speed and intuitive.
8- Developing many logical, analytical, reasoning and other reasoning skills.
9. Develop and strengthen memory, especially memory numbers.


1-Practical Training.
2-An administrative and educational body that is scientifically and practically qualified with long experience.
3-Computer rooms are equipped.
4-Equipment with the latest scientific teaching aids.
5-Graduates receive a certificate from the Academy.
6-Provide the trainees with the books .




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