Technology has become a part of our everyday lives, and understanding how to function in environments that require the use of computers and the Internet is more critical now than ever before. So, whether you plan to pursue a career in IT, or simply become more effective with technology, the IC3 Digital Literacy Certification is your solution.

the IC3 Digital Literacy program is simply the best way to ensure that students and employees are prepared to succeed in a technology-based world.

Course Overview

What is IC3?

Is the Internet & Computing Core Certification (ICP). This is a curriculum and program from Certiport International to measure users’ knowledge of the basics of the computer and the Internet. The IC3 provides specific instructions for the necessary knowledge and skills to become familiar with the fundamentals of computers, software, networks and the Internet. Thus, IC3 provides a reliable global benchmark for basic computer skills and the Internet.

What are the conditions for obtaining the certificate

The candidate needs to pass three tests:
1-Computing Fundamentals is a Balwinds and general introduction to the computer.
2-Key Applications is specialized in editing text and office tasks in brackets such as Word Excel PowerPoint.
3-Living Online specializes in Internet, e-mail and various mail programs including the Outlook program.
These tests are designed to measure the knowledge and skills of candidates in the field of computer, through questions of knowledge and activities.
Each test takes less than an hour and tests can be performed at any IC3 certified center.

Those who wish to obtain the program certificate should pass three tests:

Computer Basics: Includes hardware and software, and the use of an operating system.
Main applications: Microsoft Office programs include word processing (Microsoft Word), tables (Microsoft Excel), presentation processing (Microsoft PowerPoint), and Microsoft Access.
Internet and e-mail (E-Mail)

What are the characteristics of the certificate?

Certificate from the Supreme Council of Universities and the Ministry of Education

And from the requirements for appointment to government positions

To prove that the holder of the certificate has the basic knowledge of the computer and its applications and also the Internet.
• IC3 certification helps the individual to complete his / her path to international certification
• Support the computer culture and the Internet for the employee.
• Increasing returns on training investments and responding to global standards.